I will build up a linux webcam viewer/recorder only dependent to QT and v4l.

I made a deb

I figure out how to compile a deb file from suource code. actually its not hard. just "debuild -b" does the work from source tree. anyway here is the deb file who likes to download it and try it. please feel free to ask any question via here.

audio added

but it does not work well. if anyone know how should I sync them pls contact with me at ozkan.pakdil at gmail. I stuck in this point. I dont know much about ffmpeg :)

when I am using qtv4lcapture :)

I put this to the freshmeat.net.

linux webcam video  capture

device name changing via interface added

/dev/video0 is the default name if you have more than one video device and now you can change the connection name and see whats going on.

linux webcam recorder

if you dont give any file name ./deneme1.mp4 will be used for file output name and if you dont change /dev/video0 it will be used.


MainWindow moved into a ui file

I am not fun of ui files. they mostly confuses me when I am developing. but I decided that the main window should be in a ui(user interface) file. at the end qtv4lcapture uses QT and that is a good way to organize things around. and added dependincies and building nodes to http://qtv4lcapture.sourceforge.net/.

I dont know much about how to write configure and autotools. if you know how to do it feel free to send me some configure.am or makefile.am. I am c++ developer ;)

threads get nicer and new version is ready in the svn

you can check that out like this :
svn co https://qtv4lcapture.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/qtv4lcapture qtv4lcapture

and here is an example output

I am not good at finding project names

my name is Özkan Pakdil. living in Turkey/Istanbul as software engineer and I am linux/open source enthusiastic. I spend most of the time in front of my PC and build up some stuff.

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