I am not good at finding project names

my name is Özkan Pakdil. living in Turkey/Istanbul as software engineer and I am linux/open source enthusiastic. I spend most of the time in front of my PC and build up some stuff.

sometime I feel like the guy who was in the tv series Stargate Atlantis. they have found a new world and the guy started naming things. anyway its another issue. what is qtv4lcapture. I started to build this up about 1 month ago. I was looking for a simple QT webcam viewer. and found this. I am not a fun of learning new things and that project includes opencv which still I have no idea about it.

I like to develop because I enjoy it. and here comes the qtv4lcapture. from name you can guess it uses QT on v4l(video for linux) and it captures. my first intention was just to show webcam data in a simple QWidget. and that link does that.

after the first release I started to think about recording those frames into avi or mp4 as video file. in svn you can reach the last situation. qtv4lcapture can record video file and show them at the same time. its not easy to compile if you dont know how to use qmake. my new goal is to build it with autotools. and give it a proper configure and make and make install stuff.